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November 23rd, 2005
Just before Thanksgiving, my buddy Hernan (N3OKP) had a extra day off work, and asked if I wanted to try some indoor rock climbing.  We went to Dick's Sporting Goods at the Washingtonian Center (Rio) in Gaithersburg, where inside is a fairly sizable set-up.  I have seen the set-up before, but never anyone on it.  But on this day both Hernan and I would scale the wall. 

Hernan went first, and choose the most difficult course.  He did fairly well, making to the top.....eventually.   It took him a good 20 minutes and a number of breaks along the way up to reach it.  I however choose a difficult, but not the hardest course up.  I made it up with ease, and could have done a more challenging course, so now I know for next time.

Below are some links if you want to learn more.  The Dick's Sporting Goods indoor wall is OK for some younger children, maybe starting around 8 or 10 years old.  When we were there, quite a few parents brought their kids, and I was impressed to see more girls do it than boys.  Below the links are some pictures from our first assent.  In the future I suspect there will be more.
Dick's Sporting Goods  -  The Potomac Mountain Club  -
www.indoorclimbing.com - Rock Climbing School

n3prz at MEMA n3prz at MEMA .....no picture....he took too long :)
Hernan starts his assent
Nearing "the ledge"
Nearing the top....
n3prz at MEMA n3prz at MEMA n3prz at MEMA
Jason begins his assent
easy work around "the ledge"
Close to the top, making sure Hernan is getting the picture
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