1996 - 1999

1996 High School Senior Yearbook Picture
The typical Senior picture for the YB has everyone wearing the same 'fake' black jacket and tie. I didn't like the idea of conformity, so I made sure to wear my own suit and told the photog...'deal with it'. He didn't really resist. I was the only one in the YB to be different.

Skiing at WhiteTail in southern Pennsylvania
I can't remember the exact date, but it was likely the winter of 1996/1997. This was only my second or third time skiing...yet we pushed ourselves to do the more advance slopes. We did good. Skied well into the night.

January 1997 - VHF Ham (amatuer) Radio Contest.  Amtrak Mobile Rover was the mode of operation for this contest.  You can see the background whizzing by fast as we approach the Boston area.
1997 - Frederick, Maryland, eating at a nice restaruarant in the Antique section of downtown Frederick.
May 1998 - Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk
Here we have myself about half way on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge during the annual walk there.  The state closes the bridge for foot traffic only for this special event.  Believe it or not, the total weight of the pedistrains on the bridge is greater than the heaviest colume of holiday traffic on the bridge and any single moment. 
Late Spring 1998 - Montgomery College Clubs Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony. 
Here with me are leaders from the Architecture Students Club.  I worked hard to develop this club into one of the best.  In fact the following year (1999) we were awarded best Club of the Year at the college.

May and June 1998 - Storm Chasing in the Great Plains.  Here I'm toward the beginning of the trip.  This was the second year going storm chasing, and the first going solo. Summer 1998 - Triumph Spitfire Restoration

Summer 1998 With CSX Train stopped at Germantown (Maryland) Station.  For whatever reason, the train had stopped here, so myself and another Railroad fan took pictures and checked it out.

(Photo courtesy Fred Bader, K3CSX)
September 1998 - Olde Towne Day, Gaithersburg, Maryland
This picture is of me at Gaithersburg's Olde Towne Day in September 1999.  I am operating an amateur radio station for the MARC club trying to make contacts around the world.  Ham Radio is one of my favorite hobbies.

Helping with work on W3INK's (now N3HS) ham radio tower.  That's me on the roof holding the tower and ropes.

October 30, 1999 - Construction Tour of new NIH research building.  Left is me laying an honorary brick, in front of the group.  Below is the view toward the east in the background

November 1999 - AIAS Forum '99 in Toronto,  Canada - Laying down on the glass floor of the CN Tower, looking down 1500 feet to the ground below.

November 1999 - AIAS Forum '99 - Eating at the tallest (highest) restaurant in the world....within the 1800 feet high CN tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

November 1999 - AIAS Forum '99 in Toronto,  Canada - This picture was taken during a tour of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

November 1999 - AIAS Forum '99 in Toronto,  Canada - Sharing many good time with the other architecture students at LaCosta Restaurant in Toronto.  I am on the left, second person back.

2000 - July 2001 (pre- Florida move)

July 2000 -  Bicycle ride in Montgomery Village, Maryland
August 2000 - Cove Creek, Romancoke, MD
My boss from my job at the time invited the office crew and their families to come out to his second home on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  I took a swim in Cove Creek which sits right behind his house, with the Bay only 1500 feet away.  I was already wet from jumping in the water to get the boat we were on unstuck.

September 2000 - North Beach / Cheasapeake City, Maryland

October 2000 - First trip to South Florida, fishing with family at Black Point Park

November 2000 - Architecture tour of Falling Water Resident (by Frank Lloyd Wright) in Pennsylvania

January 2001 - After AIAS Forum '00 in Los Angles, California.  Rented a car and drove upto Malibu before heading home.

January 2001 - After AIAS Forum '00 in Los Angles, California.  The west coast sunsets are very beautiful.  This is along the Malibu shore.
April 2001 - On a bicycle ride in Arlington, Virginia across from Washington, DC's Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Momument. May 28th 2001 - Northwest Branch, Colesville, Maryland - Started out with a bike ride though the park starting around Lamberton Drive.
May 28th, 2001 - Northwest Branch, Colesville, Maryland - After bicycling about mile and crossing Colesville Road, came to the semi-secret, Colesville Falls.  Here I'm climbing on the rocks.  There isn't any other place like this in the county. June 2001 - VHF Contest - Mt. Washington, New Hampshire - Group picture.  Left to right:
Ernest (N3QX), Jay (K3JAY), myself, N3PRZ, and Rolf (call sign unknown).

July 11th, 2001 - With Niece and family at Stevensville, Maryland, while enjoying a crab feast.
July 11th, 2001 - Stevensville, Maryland - making a face, as I play around with my family while enjoying Chesapeake Bay Crabs (best in the world)

July 2001 - February 2002 (Move to Florida)

July 28th, 2001 - Gulf of Mexico
Here we have my first Shark catch ever on a great Saturday afternoon out in the Gulf of Mexico waters.  The Shark measured 23" and was a catch and release, although I could have kept it.  My sister-in-law, Wendy, caught a 26" Cobia, but the min. on those is 33" so it went back too.

July 30th, 2001 - Tamiami Trail (Rt 41)
After spending Saturday and Sunday with my brother Kyle, his wife Wendy, my other brother Chuck and his then girlfriend Julie, it was time to head down to Miami.  The drive from Ocala to Miami takes about six (6) hours.  However, I took my time, and when the Tamiami Trail route, and looked for gators and panthers along the way.

Summer 2001 - Me on the left, my Brother Cabot on the right, enjoying some cold ice tea at the Black Point Marina restaurant.  This is a great spot to sit and relax, and enjoy the Florida Tropical air. 

August 5th, 2001 - Me by the boats at Black Point Marina, in Southern Florida (Cutler Ridge area).

Summer 2001 - I'm getting ready to get really muddy. Jamie is the driver.  You could call this the "before" shot.

Summer 2001 - Mud mask Ghetto Style....this is "After" shot.  My nephew Caulin on the left, me on the right.

Summer 2001 - Here is the after shot.   As you can see, I'm not afraid to get dirty at all.  It took about three days to completely clear out all the mud.  I felt really clean though afterwards.

September 10th, 2001
The Florida Keys are great.  Since I lived just 30 minutes to Key Largo I often spent time in the Keys.  However, Only twice did I venture all the way down to Key West.  This was the only time I did so in 2001.
2001 - An attempt at some creative self-portrait photographs

March 2002 - August 2004 (Return to Mayland)

May 2002 - Sailing with my friend Jay.  Sailing is one of my favority things to do.  Almost bought my own boat in 2003. 
May 2002 - During the Storm Chase Expedition with the Weathervine team.  This picture was taken while visiting Clayton Lake State Park in the Northeastern area of New Mexico.
May 2002 - During the Storm Chase Expedition with the Weathervine team.  Updating our websites after a successful chase day.  To the left is Chris Collura, me to the right.
May 2002 - During the Storm Chase Expedition with the Weathervine team.  This was taken during an off-day and visit to Carlsbad Caverns in Southeastern New Mexico.

May 2002 - During the Storm Chase Expedition with the Weathervine team.  Standing in front of the "Welcome to Wyoming" sign on Interstate 25, just south of Cheyenne.

February 2003 - Colorado Storm Chaser Convetion (aka National Storm Chaser Convention) - Left to right:  Myself, Chris Collura, Jeff Gammons, Kirsten McClung. May 2003 - Old Diner in Kansas
From left to right: Amos Magliocco, Steve Miller, Chris Collura, and myselft.  Jeff Gammons was still in the car, working on the forecast.

May 2003 - McKinney Texas
During some down time in the middle of the chase expedition, the chase team and I stayed at fellow chaser Steve Miller's house, catching up on websites, and jamming on the drums.
May 2003 - Colorado / Kansas stateline
Here, while waiting for initation of severe weather, Some storm chase friends and I goof around this welcome sign, and old stone building across the highway.

September 13th, 2003 - Assateague Island
These famous miniture houses from Assateague Island visited out camp site where we planned to operate a ham radio VHF contest station.  Due to radio technical failures, the contest didn't happen.
September 14th, 2003 - Ocean City, Maryland
I'm standing near a spot were a Geocache is located.  After a failed attempt at ham radio VHF contesting, I spent the day exploring and geocaching around Ocean City.

November 5th, 2003 - NWS  Sterling, VA
Ventured out to the Weather Forecast Office for a gathering of the Skywarn members.  This shot was taken in front of the Upper Air Building were they release weather ballons twice a day.
Jason Foster at Dulles International Airport in Sterling, Virginia
December 8, 2003 - Dulles Airport. Sterling, VA
I forget exactly, but I think this is when I was taking one of my monthly trips to Florida. It wasn't uncommon for me to take quick trips to Florida to visit friends and relax on the beach.

January 8, 2004 - Davis Airport, Montgomery County
Hernan & myself are placing a geocache at the very small airport that is tucked away in upper Montgomery County, Maryland

June 2004 - ARRL Field Day
Here you can see me working with some other club members from the Montgomery Amateur Radio Club at the annual Field Day event.  Once again, the event was held in Germantown, MD at the local campus of Montgomery College.
July 30th, 2004 - Home Improvement Project
One last project that needed to be completed before my move to Florida.  Here I'm redoing the front walkway to include steps and all brick walkway.  I love these kinds of projects.

August 2004 - April 2005 (second move to Florida)

September 2004 - I'm in the yellow rain suit braving 100mph winds during Hurricane Frances on Hutchinson Island near Ft. Peirce, Florida.  That's Jim Edds to the right.
(image courtesy

September 2004 - Here I'm gasping for breath as the 100mph winds during Hurricane Frances literally take my breath away.

(image courtesy BNVN)

September 2004 - I'm in the yellow rain suit braving 100mph winds during Hurricane Jeanne in Fort Pierce, Florida

(image courtesy BNVN)
2004 - Family gathering at a restuarant call Bayside Grill in Key Largo, Florida. (left to right) My brother Nicky and his girlfriend Jenna.  Jack husband to my sister Liz, who is barely visable behind my other brother Cabot.  Lastly, on the right is me.
May 2005 - 2007 (Return to Mayland & the Dialysis Years)

July 23rd, 2005 - Kensington, MD
This photo was taken at the end of a quick local storm chase that net only a few poor quality lightning shots.  I'm only a few months out of the hospital here, and still getting use to being on dialysis. 
November 23rd, 2005 - Dicks Sporting Good Rock Wall.  My buddy Hernan and myself decided to try this out while killing some free time.  We both did the wall, but Hernan chose a little bit harder route than me.  I did alright, and could have done a more challenging route if I wanted to, but I was cheap and left it for next time.
December 3rd, 2005.  I'm sitting in the main command area for the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).  There was tons of cool stuff there, and the training and presentation was great. December 17th, 2005 - Alexandria Virginia
Fred Bader and myself stand on the dock that is on the Potomac River in Alexandria.   We strolled for a little bit looking for a place to eat after attending a FEMA ICS training course.

July 4th, 2007 - Nationals Baseball Game at RFK stadium in Washington, DC.  My mother and I attended another game in the last year that baseball would be played in this stadium.

July 11th, 2007 - Nationals Baseball Game at RFK stadium in Washington, DC.  This game we got a bobble head with our attendance to the game.
July 14th, 2007 - Smith Island, Maryland
This was a 'must get' picture of me standing next to the ferry boat that takes passengers to and from Smith Island...and so happen to have a very appropriate name.
October 13th, 2007 - National Kidney Foundation Walk, Georgetown, DC.  This was not an easy walk for me.  At the time, I was starting to have foot pains, a likely side effect of my deterating conditions. 
2008 (Post Kidney Transplant)

April 4th, 2008 - MS Walk, C&O Canal
At one of the many public service events I volunteer for as a Radio Communicator.  Here I'm near lock six.  Originially I was to be mobile Supply and Gear (SAG) duty, but last minute change put me hear.  I'm always ready for whatever is needed.
September 23rd, 2008 - AMS meeting at AIA HQ
This was one of the meetings I attended of the American Meteorological Society (DC Chapter), located at the AIA headquarters.  Here I'm working on Hurricane Ike photos before the meeting starts.

October 11th, 2008 - Point of Rocks
This photo was taken during one of my Geocaching outtings that day.  I often take photos of myself while Geocaching, but they usually are with the cache in hand, and not tourist style like this one.
October 19th, 2008 - NWS WFO, Sterling, VA
This was taken at the National Weather Service (NWS) Open House and Dedication Ceremony for the brand new Washington/Baltimore Weather Forecast Office (WFO) in Sterling, Virginia.  Here I am in the operations area of the office.

December 5th, 2009 - Winter Storm
Taken at the Barnesville MARC railroad station around 8pm where I built this snowman just for fun. 

Newseum - Washington, DC. Jason Foster as TV meteorologist.
January 27, 2010 - Newseum
Washington, DC
Behind the Scenes shot of when I did the 'play a reporter' that is located within the Newseum. There were different options, I choose the TV meteorology.

January 27, 2010 - Newseum
Washington, DC
Here is the completed view with the chroma key (blue screen) affects added in. There is also a video: here (link will be added later)

Group shot of the Weathervine group in the Florida Keys. The three amigos together again.
March 20, 2010 - Florida Keys
Group shot of Chris Collura, Jeff Gammons & myself (the Weathervine three amigos) before heading to a Hurricane Chaser's Gathering nearby.

2011 Gavelly Point Park at Reagan-Washington National Airport watching airplanes
March 12, 2011 - Gravelly Point Park next to Reagan-Washington National Airport.
OK, not facing the right way, but this is a neat shot. I was out getting some stock video.
Jason Foster, Mark Ellinwood & Ian Livingston pose by the Wakita sign just outside of the Oklahoma town.
May 4th, 2011 - Wakita, Oklahoma
A group shot of the three of us during the Weather Warrior annual Great Plains Storm Chase Expedition. As you can see in the background, absolutely fantastic sky on that day. (L-->R: Jason Foster, Mark Ellinwood, Ian Livingston)