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May 13th through June 1st
Trip is over, and we've all gone home.  Updates and video clips will be making their way here soon.  A few of the early days are already updated on the right, take a look.

Torndadoes #1 and #2 today.  Outlook for tomorrow marginally good.   Should see something, but don't hold your breathe for large, long track tornadoes.--1:35am 5-17-2004...see May 16th link at right.
We're in the Piedmont area awaiting the Chaser Picnic to start.  On downtime we'll shot some stock shots and misc. items.  We organize, and look a video, etc.  The chaser picnic starts at 1pm cst. and we'll be there for just a little bit of time before blasting north into Nebraska.  Keep and eye out on our live tracking--12:45pm cst 5-15-2004...more pictures to come later.
The Great Plains Storm Expedition 2004 is Weathervine's finest to date.  We are traveling for three weeks, coordinated all our dates, and match day for day.  We've also picked up on visitor as well this year. 

Besides myself, the Weathervine crew with include Jeff Gammons (founder of Weathervine), Kersten McClung, Chris Collura, Amos Magliocco, and Raul Benitez (5/3 thru 5/21).   Amos Magliocco as usual began the trip a little ahead of the rest of us, about May 7th.  He'll likely be out through Mid-June weather permitting. 

To the right is a link to all the chase days with all the logs, pictures, etc. on them.  I will do my best to update these from the field, but it may be a while before I'm actually able to do so.

Below is some interesting items you might enjoy.  They are assorted items I use in planning and predicting the chase season prior to departure.

This is a chart of the last few years tornado statistics
Tornado Statistics invert
This chart is the number of tornados over the month of May
Tornado statistics by day - May

Expedition Days

Day 1 - May 13th
Day 2 - May 14th
Day 3 - May 15th
Day 4 - May 16th
Day 5 - May 17th
Day 6 - May 18th
Day 7 - May 19th
Day 8 - May 20th
Day 9 - May 21st
Day 10 - May 22nd
Day 11 - May 23rd
Day 12 - May 24th
Day 13 - May 25th
Day 14 - May 26th
Day 15 - May 27th
Day 16 - May 28th
Day 17 - May 29th
Day 18 - May 30th
Day 19 - May 31st
Day 20 - June 1st
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