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1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera




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This is one car that went through hell and back. My mother originally purchased it new from Herb Gordon Oldsmobile in Silver Spring, Maryland. After about six years, I began to share driving time when I first got my driver's license. Quiclky thereafter I purchased my own car ('86 Dodge Lancer ES turbo). However, that car would not last long. So I returned to driving the Ciera. A few years later my parents got my grandfather's '91 Ford Taurus LX Wagon. That left me with exclusive driving rights to the Ciera. I put the car through tough work with my driving habits. I did however take relative good mechanical care. Oil changes, tires, shocks, battery, and more.

Through the life of the car it served many purposes not only as basic transportation, but as a delivery vehicle, vhf contest vehicle, snow mobile (during the blizzard of '96), mechanical experiment vehicle, stunt car (I pushed this car way beyond it's limits), and finally as a demolition derby entry. Not bad, it still is one of my favorite vehicle choices, though if I bought another one, it would have to have a V-6 Engine. The workhorse 4-cylinder, just didn't hack it.

Ironically, I was suppose to have been rid of this car in Sept. 1998 when after an unsuccessful run at getting into the Montgomery County Agriculture Fair's Demolition Derby. The tow truck company sponsoring the car showed up late, and so I couldn't get it in. I sold it shortly after, not willing to keep it one full year to run in the next year's Derby. But the next year I was there to watch the Derby, and noticed it was there sitting, getting ready to be run in the 1999 Derby. Some of the paint was different, but mostly the same, from when I had it one year before. So I video taped it's final demise, as after this event, it's off to the scrap yard. So that is one of the most conslusive endings I've had for any car yet. Sometime in the future I'll places some photos here so that you can see some of the life of this car. I didn't take a whole lot, but enough.

Here are some Specifics on my car:

Original cost was about $10,000 - $13,000. The specs are as follows:

2.5L 4-cylinder engine w/ 98 h.p.
3 speed automatic transmission
front wheel drive
upgrade package with...
-high grade velor cloth interior surfaces
-60/40 split front bench seat
-wire wheel covers and thin body colored
(instead of thick black) side molding.