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William Doggett Architects firm I first came across in High School when I entered into the Executive Internship Program.  I interviewed for a non-payed position that would allow me to work for most near the entire day (8am thru 5pm) in place of attending class my final semester.  There was a three hour consultation and report session every Friday, then we would return to our internship positions.

With my success at the firm, I was invited back to continue work over the summer.  I work at the firm for the next five and a half years when in July of 2001 I moved to Miami, Florida.  I live in the Miami area for about seven months, when I was forced to return to the DC area.  It was not long after my return that I needed work, and before even calling around for other jobs I contact the firm and asked if I could return.  I rejoined the team and stayed until August 2004 when I started chasing hurricanes in Florida.  With my storm chasing success and my media company on the rise, I desided to once again move to Miami.  This time I stayed for about eight months, but again was forced back to Maryland (this time due to being diagnosed with Kidney Failure) in April 2005.  I stayed focused on medical issues for a while, but in January 2006, the firm called and asked if I would be available to return.  This time, I started back on a part-time basis, and as contractor.   From the Media business I liked the self-employed aspects of working, and have maintained that set-up for now.

Here are some notable projects I've worked on at the firm:
Ashburn Central Office - completed 1999
Piney Orchard Central Office - completed 2001
Sterling Park Communications Center - not built
North Beach Communications Center - completed 2004
Rockville Commuinications Center - completed 2004
Germantown Communications Office - under construction
Potomac United Methodist Church - early design concepts

Architecture Work History:
William Doggett Architects
Feb.1996 - July 2001
Archer Street Construction
Sept. 2001 - Nov. 2001
William Doggett Architects
Feb. 2002 - August 2004
Archer Street Construction
Dec. 2004 - Mar. 2005
William Doggett Architects
Jan. 2006 - current (2007)

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