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About these pages: 
Architecture is my passion and my profession.  I have been drawing pictures of houses, and buildings since I was a little kid.  I have worked in the profession, been educated in the art of architecture, and consider it a major part of my life.  In recent years I have ventured into other career choices and temporarily stopped my college education.  After some medical issues that prevented me from going to school, I hope to return in the near future. 

The pages within this section of the website will highlight some of the work I've done both professionally, and through my education.  It will also show my personal interests and some other resourceful information.  You will also find many photographs of architecture both large and in detail.  This will also change as I progress through time.

Going back to my architecture background, as I stated above, the interest in architecture has always been there.  In high school, I tried to take architecture related classes, but Montgomery County Public Schools do not allow for much personal choice, and also canceled a lot of the classes I had signed up for.  I did manage to get into an internship program that allowed me to work in an architecture office.  Then, after graduation from High School, I switched to the local Community College.  This was in part to continue my employment at the architecture firm I interned at (William Doggett Architects), and partly to take classes at a reduce cost, and with a flexible schedule.  University study in architecture is quite hard, and I need to prepare for this. Architecture has proven to be one of the hardest degrees to achieve.  After a few years, I completed my two year degree and have now worked for William Doggett Architects for 12 years.   I am looking to try some different avenues within architecture, including working for different styles of architecture firms.

Architecture Work History:
William Doggett Architects
Feb.1996 - July 2001
Feb.2002 - July 2004
Feb.2006 - June 2008
Archer Street Construction
Sept. 2001 - Nov. 2001
Nov. 2004 - Feb. 2005

Other Architectural Highlights:
Architecture Students Club -
Montgomery College
1997 - 2003
Student Construction Association -
Montgomery College
1997 - 2001
American Institute of Architecture Students - National Chapter