is my personal web page, that covers all things.  I have relocated the weather and storm chasing content to I have returned the ham radio material from the site as it didn't do well enough on it's own (self supported by ads). I need to repair quite a few pages in that section, but it's mostly returned. 

This site is designed to be mostly a stand alone website.  Only additions are for more recent events.  Many pages have been revamped when bringing them from the older hosts (like QSL.NET) and put on this server.  I've recently (early 2011) started to fix up some of the older pages and sections and add content, attempting to increase ad revenue. It has again fallen below self sustaining status.

There is also a lot of content that I removed and have not republished here due to multiple copyright infrigments, such as the "Essay" page.   I also have multiple pages that did not get any hits, so they were removed.  I may consider adding new content as time goes on.   This site will always have fresh materials, just at a slower pace than the other websites.

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